Everything you Need to Know About Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the marketing of content with an objective. To be more specific, content marketing is a marketing strategy designed to create and distribute content which is relevant and valuable to a target audience to attract more traffic and bring in more customers.

Content Marketing is beneficial to company’s because when you are trying to sell a product or service, you are reliant on consumers. In the age of technology that we are living in, most people research online before making any purchases. The advantage of content marketing, rather than simply advertising, is that you are producing relevant and useful content for your target audience. This means that when they begin their research, they can find a company’s site and rather than just gets adds about the product, they can find helpful tips and answers to their question. It is an excellent way to bring in new consumers for your product or service.

Not to be Confused with Branding

As we have discussed, marketing is the approach to bringing in new customers. Branding is the identity of your product or service. When creating a brand, you have to create a name, a symbol, a promise, and explain why your product/service is different from other products in your field. When you create a brand that lives up to your promises, is well thought out and executed you can create loyalty and trust among your customers for your brand. This is crucial to creating success in your business. Once you have the base, you are ready to begin your marketing.

Branding is how you show what your product/service is, marketing is how you get it out into the world. For more information on how to create a brand check out my article on that.

Bring together a team

To successfully create content marketing strategies for your company and execute them, you need human resources. Depending on the size of your business and the budget you have for content marketing, your team size will vary. To begin making the decisions of how many people you will need and what everyone’s responsibilities will be, you first need to know what the responsibilities are.

  • To Create Content

A simple idea but the key to content marketing. Once you know what type of content fits best into your business goal, you are going to need people to create this content. This can be split into two categories.

  1. You want bloggers who can create a diverse amount of content that is consistent. The responsibility of your bloggers is going to be researching, creating this content, editing the content, and building blog subscribers.
  2. The second type of content creator is someone responsible for creating longer resources that can be made available to the readers once or twice a month. These can include things like guides and eBooks. This person can also keep up with research, building subscribers, and creating the most useful, relevant, and up to date information about the subject matter.
  • Social Media Management

Social media is an incredibly important factor in marketing and building an audience. This is a way to get your content to as wide of an audience as possible and create a presence for your company. These include running profile pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. In choosing which pages you should have you need to think about the target audience you are looking to attract.

The person responsible for creating and managing these profiles needs to create relevant and engaging content, post regularly, build subscribers, maintain relationships with customers, and promote the existing content and the product/service.

  • SEO Specialist

The job of the SEO specialist is to research on opportunities to improve a company’s ranking in search engines. SEO writing itself is a form of writing that helps your site become easier to find for your audience. If you want to know more about SEO, check out my article on SEO content writing. This job is important to make your content as easy to find when the subject is searched to optimize your site traffic.

  • Designer

The responsibility of the designer is creation and maintenance. They need to be able to help the writers and social media manager create templates to make more efficient and exciting posts. They are responsible for managing the design for presentations and signs and maintaining the branding aspect of the marketing.


While each of these positions is important to fill, you do not need to have a different person fill each position. This is where size and budget come into play. It is possible to have a single person fill all of the positions. What is important is to make sure that you are finding people who have all the necessary skills to be successful at their position and thus create success for the business.

What is good content?

There are many ways to present your content to make interesting and relevant content. The key things to keep in mind are to ensure that the content relates to the product or service you are marketing, that the content is interesting and useful to the reader, and that is well written and well organized to make it as accessible and easy to read as possible. Most people are not going to take the time to read an article that is large paragraphs and goes on for several pages. That is the type of writing you want to save for more extensive resource guides and eBooks.

Types of Content to Create

  • Blog posts

The best blog posts are written as lists, how-to, news. Things that can be written in an easy to read way but still provide lots of great information for the reader.

  • Visual Content

These can be things like videos, webinars, and infographics. Visual content can be a lot of fun and create a different way to reach a broader group of people.

  • Premium Content

eBooks and research reports can be very useful in begin able to provide a more in-depth resource for your audience. These kinds of content should be used more sparingly.